There is some real concern and a lot of drama and even some hysteria regarding the CoronaVirus.

And being in an industry where we touch, touch and touch some more we have had some questions, both from our therapists and from our clients.

Here are the precautions we are taking.

  1. Anytime a therapist feels a little bit ill, we are taking the step of cancelling or rescheduling appointments. Or if they are at all concerned about any contacts they have had.
  2. Clients who feel ill are asked to also cancel appointments.
  3. Wash, wash, wash our hands, up to our elbows just like your Doctor
  4. Fresh clean towels- when we come to your home, please leave out a fresh towel for us, this eliminates any bacterial spread that might be lingering. This is true for any virus!
  5. We are limiting all our social contacts so that we can be ready to work if and when we are needed without fear of spreading any sort of germ.

In Home Massage Therapy Calgary

What is the risk?

If you or someone in your home is at all compromised, don’t take any risks, so no massage, and no social contact.  

From our side, we are limiting every touch point we can, sanitizing tables as they are set up, using face masks, washing our hands till they are nearly raw.

There are still so few cases that and we are taking every possible precaution.


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