The Power of Massage Therapy.

Regardless of what brings you to the table, when you take an hour to release some pain, stress, anxiety or to treat an injury you are making your health and happiness a priority, and there is a powerful trickle down effect.

Massage therapy has well-documented effects on stress, decreasing cortisol and increasing serotonin production. When you are happier, that is a positive force on the people around you, whether it is co-workers or your family. On days that your stress is lower you will make better decisions, spend more time enjoying the little things, and smile more. All of which send positive ripples out to the universe around you.

But there is more than that, by taking time out of your day, especially out of your working day, when you mind is engaged is solving the problems of your job, whether you manage people, create things, calculate things or input information into a computer, by disengaging your active mind, you allow your super powerful subconscious access to those problems.

I have been practicing massage for nearly 25 years, in all sorts of settings, and over and over again, I have been told that during a massage an answer to a problem appeared fully formed in a client’s mind.

That is the power of walking away from things for an hour, finding peace and letting the universe into your consciousness to help you solve a problem.

So next time work seems overwhelming, and there doesn’t seem like there is enough time to get everything done, I challenge you to disengage and try the miracle of massage.


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