Earlier this summer I decided the time was right to start taking control of my health.  Like many small business owners, I have been busy taking care of my team, my family and my clients, and have neglected myself.

A year and a 1/2 ago, my high blood pressure but me in the hospital, with what we thought then was a heart attack but turned out to be a benign tumor on my adrenal gland.  

The consequence of that is very high blood pressure that does not respond to medication, and makes me extremely tired, and has contributed to a huge weight gain.

As I waded through the process over the summer, I once again partially abdicated my responsibility for my health.  Although I have honoured the symptoms of my current diagnosis, mostly by giving in to the extreme exhaustion when I used to fight through it, and sleeping more, I had to give up the exercise program I was registered in, as my blood pressure is dangerously high. 

However, owning a Massage Therapy and wellness company, I know I can do more.

This Week in Wellness has begun

I am starting with two challenges this week and I hope you will join me.  

Healthy Start to the day!

Today is the start of a 30 day yoga challenge for me.  It is a start so I choose 10 Min Morning Yoga for Beginners from SarahBeth Yoga.  It is easy, and in 10 min you can feel the kinks work out. 

Starting the day with a quick and easy yoga routine works out the kinks, and gets blood flowing to your brain, helping clear your thinking so you can prioritize your daty. 
Affirmations from friends is great to get momentum going.
Plan some time with a friend this week, going for a walk, or attending some live music


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