Whether you had a great year, or a very challenging year, the one thing we are all missing is touch.

A hug in a parking lot with a long lost friend, seeing family and making new contacts has all changed and one of the biggest changes is touch.

We no longer shake hands when we meet someone, I have a godson that I have never been able to hold, and my visits to my parents take way more thought and preparation in order to keep them safe.

the healing power of touch
massage is a safe way to touch

As we crave that connection with each other, is it now time to think about massage therapy again?

I think so.

Massage therapists have spent most of the last year thinking about, and acting on how to make massage therapy safe. And in addition to the things that were already in place, fresh sheets with every guest and washing hands thoroughly before and after each client, the addition of sanitizing tables, extra barriers to germs like sanitizing tables, plastic table covers, and of course mask wearing keep our clients safe.

And truthfully, some things like wearing a mask are likely hear to stay when we are that close to our clients.

I hope that you will take the time to call us, and see if there is a way we can provide you with Massage therapy to help you feel connected and nurtured, but safe at the same time.


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