Sure they smell amazing but are they worth the price?

Rose Otto or Rose Absolute what is the difference and do you care?

Whether you are a hippy like me, or really into things that smell pretty you may have some questions about Rose “essential” oils.

Essentially you will find three products out there-if you look hard enough. You will find Rose absolute, or Rose Otto- and more commonly you will find these in a carrier oil.

This is what you want to know.

Rose Otto Essential Oil

It takes 10,000 roses to produce just 5ml of pure Rose Otto, which is why if you do find it it is super expensive. Way more common is to find it in at 3-10% rose oil, in a base oil like Jojoba. In Calgary the Apothecary in Inglewood carries it. Starting at 68$ for a 1 ml bottle.

Benefits for Skin Care and use in Facials

Rose Otto is one of those ingredients used in skin care that is beneficial for every skin type as it is –

All skin types benefit from Rose Otto

Other benefits

Rose has been shown to be useful for a huge variety of physical complaints as well including stomach, bronchial issues, muscle sprains and menopause, and many more causing it to earn the name “queen of all essential oils”

For stress and anxiety its effectiveness is undisputed, helping tame a wide range of disorders and side effects. It helps induce sleep, decrease depression, lessen grief, anger and jealousy. Rose Otto helps the body detox and stay balanced while recovering from any type of drug use, whether prescription or otherwise.

We use it in our couples “Rose Ritual” which you can of course do for one person,( it is an amazing treatment) because it enhances feelings of romance, connection and can have a positive effect on attraction, which is just all round a good thing.

How it is made

The difference between Rose Otto and Rose absolute is how it is made and how it is used.

Rose Otto is a steam distilled product- and is a purer scent but also this process uses way, way more roses to reach the final product, but that product keeps in tac the many benefits of the rose. Rose absolute is created by submerging the rose petals in a solvent, and letting that solvent dissolve leaving behind the essence of the rose.

This still has the captivating scent of roses, but not as many of the benefits and is used mostly in perfume, soap and candle making.

Rose Otto - for skin care, depression and anxiety

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