Effects on the Parasympathetic system

For many many people 2020 has been extremely stressful, disappointing, scary, frustrating, and for lots of people sleep patterns have been interrupted, blood pressure is elevated, and they are themselves grumpy and surrounded by grumps!

This has health effects above and beyond worrying about covid.

One of the effects of all this worry is too much pressure on the Parasympathetic nervous system, which controls all the things you can’t control about your body, including blood pressure, digestion, sometimes your breath, tears, saliva… you get the idea.

Approximately 75% of the functions of our parasympathetic system go through the Vagus nerve. Controlling branches in many key organs, including the stomach, lungs, kidneys, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, bladder, anal sphincter, vagina, and penis.

The Vagus nerve controls much of our bodily functions and when it is not functioning optimally all of our health suffers.

Too much stress reduces and represses the signals sent out by the Vagus nerve, a nerve that controls so much of our body functions, from digestion to elimination of waste and way more. That reduced signal results in our bodily systems either getting weak or confused messages, or our brain has to work harder to tell our body, our organs etc to function. This is not good. Who needs that kind of pressure?

There have been many good studies on the effects of acupuncture on the vagus nerve showing positive effects on inflammation, digestion, (including weight loss) blood pressure and more.

By opening and improving the functions and tone of this nerve a single acupuncture session can help your body regulate the effects of stress, helping keep functions like lung and digestion working optimally, as well as inflammation kept at a minimum. (who needs extra puffiness on top of the Covid 15?)

As surrounded as we are by a virus that affects lung function we want our our lungs to function at the peak of their ability, in fact we want our whole body, our inflammation system to be relaxed calm and working optimally.

So if you are feeling under strain, it is a great time to try accupuncture.

acupuncture can shorten how long your cold lasts.
acupuncture relaxes the parasympathetic system in your body so that everything just functions better.


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