Is an unbalanced Heart Chakra ruining your life? Fix it now!

Chakra Balancing

How can you tell if your heart chakra is unbalanced? As with all imbalances in your energy field there are both physical and mental signs that things are not right. And as this energy field sits right over your heart, behind your sternum the physical signs have to do with the organs of the heart […]

Are you an emotional mess? Balance your Sacral Chakra now, learn how.

crown chakra- Balanced for bliss

Your Sacral Chakra does more then just control the chaos of your emotions and material achievements, it is connected to your sense of taste, and all the fluids of your body, from lymph to saliva and urine. It is also very deeply connected to sexual function and malfunction, procreation and childbirth. You might know there […]

If you are in a wheelchair, can massage therapy help with back pain?

Massage therapy can be very effective for certain types of back pain, and if you are in a wheelchair can have many other benefits as well. Including mental well-being, decreased swelling of hands and feet, and improved immune function. Is Massage therapy effective for back pain relief if you are in a wheelchair? Of course […]

Massage therapy Calgary, near Me ! You will be glad you called.

Massage therapy Calgary

It doesn’t get closer to you than right in your living room. Your Health Span is a mobile massage therapy company with Calgary’s best massage therapists, and they come right to your home, hotel or office. We know you are super busy, and as most of our clients seem to be moms or families, and […]

Seniors massage therapy , a client tribute!

massage for veterans

When I started doing In Home Massage therapy, one of the other moms on my sons hockey team started getting me to see her dad, once a week, for seniors Massage therapy, which can differ greatly from a regular massage, or be quite similar to what you get when you go to your chiropractors office […]

Chakra Balancing Massage-What I learned from Dr. Ravi Ratan

Dr Ravi teaches aromatherapy and Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing Massage is a service we have offered for about a year, based on a workshop I took with a person I will not name. I was and am impressed by how simple and effective it can be. While I enjoyed that first workshop and could feel the benefits of Chakra balancing when I […]


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