Cannabis and Massage Combined

Marijuana Massage Therapy Calgary is being used by clients like you to achieve even more effective pain relief, to reduce inflammation and stress.

And it works, our client Helga says “It was the first good night sleep I have had in months, and my leg not only felt great after the massage, it didn’t cramp in the night and wake me up, and I was walking and moving better for days after”

Massage Therapy using Marijuana oil is more effective!
Marijuana Massage Therapy Calgary

How do CBD and THC work for Pain Relief?

Both CBD and THC both talk to the receptors in our central nervous system, our brain is involved in how our bodies both feel and produce pain and inflammation.  This keeps us safe in moments of danger and gives our body the information that it needs to promote healing from injuries.  However, sometimes the message of pain goes into overdrive, and the inflammation meant to protect us, lingers and causes further problems.

Because compounds found in Cannabis can effect pain, (they are 20x more powerful then aspirin  according to this article  and are also effective at reducing inflammation a Massage Therapy session using Canazen oil, which is made by distilling the Flower of the Marijuana plant, might be the best massage you have ever had.


Why would you try a Massage using CBD oil?

Massage using oil infused with Cannibis has multiple benefits, it does have a relaxant effect on the muscles and surrounding tissues, allowing your massage therapist to work deeper, and for you to feel more profound effects.

For Chronic pain, CBD is also believed to interrupt the signals going to your brain, much the same way that oral painkillers do, producing a longer lasting relief, recommended frequency is 1-2 times a week to start.

Anxiety and depression can also be treated with CBD oil, again with a recommended frequency of 1-2 times a week.

Why would you try a Massage using THC oil?

Truthfully, I wonder why you wouldn’t try this, the benefits are so pronounced.

  1. For localized pain management- it works super fast, binding to the receptors in the skin, reducing inflammation and giving relief to pain. It is especially good for Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and muscle injuries.
  2. Heals burns faster.
  3. Heals skin irritation and conditions like psoriasis- the cannabis plant slows/stops the buildup of dry, ded skin cells and can treat red inflamed skin and the itchiness that goes with it.
  4. Anti- bacterial- have a kid in elementary school- this might be just what you need.

Plus the Canazen oil that we use smells fantastic and is great at giving moisture to you skin in our super dry Calgary Climate.

Ask your therapist about it, and see and feel the difference for yourself.


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