There are three main reasons to upgrade to a CBD oil massage.

There are many more reasons that CBD should be part of your routine, for a list of proven conditions that CBD can help treat.

What do you expect from your CBD massage.

The massage techniques are the same, so continue to see your favourite therapist. The difference is the massage oil, which is infused with CBD, which is a cannabinoid  compound derived from hemp that is absorbed and processed by receptors found in your skin.

These receptors in your skin send messages to your nervous system, calming it down, easing anxiety, and letting your body know that everything is alright, so that your body knows to release the inflammation that is a contributing factor in pain.

So while the therapist does her thing, releasing muscle tension, soothing out knots and relaxing your body, the CBD oil gives her a giant assist.

CBD oil for massage
A massage with a CBD oil relieves stress, muscle tension, and can help with some skin conditions.

Skin Conditions and CBD

From acne to psoriasis, skin conditions that involve inflammation can be treated with CBD, for more on that follow this link .

The important thing to know is that by adding CBD to your massage you can safely achieve short term relief from itching, burning pain, but for long lasting results, a simple massage is not your best answer, but ask your therapist and we will work with you on finding products that will help or experts you can talk to.

Anxiety and CBD

In a study of anxiety and CBD, several interesting reactions were noted, including an increase in blood flow to the parts of the brain that are affected by anxiety, showing not just a decrease in the affects of many types of anxiety but also an antidepressant affect as well.

Though research is incomplete in this promising new area, from speaking with our clients we are getting a lot of positive feedback regarding both THC infused massages and CBD infused massage.


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