Crown Chakra is your connection to Consciousness

Are you experiencing?

These are signs that your crown chakra could use a little tweaking, or even a lot. And even the most spiritual aware person has times where things are out of line.

We get pushed off balance by little things as well as big things, and lots of times we convince ourselves that our imbalance is no big deal or the cause of it so minor that we are just over reacting.

A couple of weeks ago I was treating a young man, he had booked a therapeutic massage for neck and shoulder pain, and while we were doing the intake he was talking about a near death experience he had recently while on a trip to Vegas, where he had been hospitalized and forced to stay alone, after his friends caught their scheduled flights home, while Dr.’s sorted him out.

He was fine and felt that he should be grateful: to be alive, to have had insurance, to have friends and family, but he just couldn’t shake the anxiety and apathy that he had felt since his return from the holiday. He felt almost guilty for feeling “off” as it could have been much worse, and so many people were way worse off then him.

We booked him in for Energy Balancing Massage- and every one of his energy centres was off, some a little, some a lot, but his 7th Chakra showed no movement whatsoever, it was completely blocked.

After two sessions all of his emotional symptoms were clear, and he began sending his family and friends in to see us.

A Balanced Crown Chakra is your connection to consciousness

To Balance your Crown with aromatherapy we use the essential oils of the Root chakra which are vetiver, Spike Knot, and bocchini patchouli are good choices. And for Crystals during meditation we use Crystal quartz, amethyst, sodalite and diamonds (if you have some laying around).

You can use the oils in a blend and apply it to the crown of your head, where your Crown Chakra is represented, or add them to a diffuser while you meditate. If using a diffuser be careful to turn it off after an hour so you are not overwhelmed, less is often enough with aromatherapy.

If you sit during mediation, you can also balance a crystal on your head, or place it on a pillow just above your head if you are laying down.

A Balanced Crown Chakra will give you better rest as your body will produce melatonin properly but it will also result in your feeling and being recognized as wise, and in control of your emotions and your destiny, feeling blissful, intuitive, and in sync with your higher purpose. Which is what I wish for you and everyone else.



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