The change of seasons is well known to be high time for colds and flus, and in our busy lives, be it school or work, managing seasonal sickness can be a real hassle.  Traditional Chinese medicine has many tools to both strengthen the immune system and to defeat colds and flus, dramatically shortening their durations and allowing you to get back to your life quickly.  

Using a combination of herbal formulas and acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine works to regulate the body’s defensive capabilities, strengthening the immune system against pathogenic factors and making the body more resistant to infection by the common cold and other flu viruses.  Symptoms are not masked by the effects of herbs and acupuncture as they are with many cold medications, they are resolved.  

So if it’s a matter of prevention, a current flu or cold, or even lingering symptoms that just won’t leave, traditional Chinese medicine may have a solution for you.

acupuncture for cold and flu
acupuncture is a safe, relaxing and effective way to treat a variety of health concerns, including colds.


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