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Celebrate Yourself With One of These Extraordinary Treatments

10,000 Petals – the Ultimate Rose Otto TreatmentLuxury Rose Otto Treatment

Luxury Rose Otto Treatment

10,000 rose petals are pressed for a magical effect on your mindfulness! You are gently misted with Rose Hydrosol, massaged with Himalayan carved salt stones, melting away stress while gently exfoliating and nourishing your skin. Your face is cleansed with rose and oatmeal cleanser, polished with rose crystal powder, a rose and white tea mask is applied, and rosehip seed oil is massaged into the skin to firm skin and diminish fine lines, and any scaring or pigmentation.
$375 - 2 hours

Chakra Recharge

Whether you are a firm believer in woo, or just want to try something different, recharge with a Chakra balancing treatment combined with a facial enhancement, foot and scalp treatments. This 2-hour escape into mindfulness will relax you, leave your face glowing, feet looking like a small baby, and you hair soft and gorgeous.
$360/ 2 hours

Tranquility Pro Sleep Package

Tranquility Pro Sleep Package

When you need to relax on a spiritual and emotional level. This is a very gentle massage combined with soft brushes, a bespoke scent will slow your spinning mind, and reset your sleep rhythms. Combined with a scalp and foot treatment, so you feel refreshed head to toe.
$225/ 1.5 hours

Massage with our Signature Touches

Hot Salt Stone Massage

Carved stones made out of Himalayan Salt are heated to just the right temperature to melt away all your muscle tension and stress, polishing your skin leaving it vibrant looking.

CBD Massage

CBD - known to bust stress, sooth inflammation and aid in recovery from injuries. Our CBD oil is infused into a beautifully scented massage blend. This treatment is guaranteed to ease the tightness in your shoulders and back, so you feel completely refreshed...

THC Massage

Perfect for eliminating pain, and for giving you the best night sleep you have ever had. Will you get high? Not at all, but you will feel deeply relaxed, and pain and inflammation will be hugely diminished.

Body Treatments

Bangi di Pisa

Who doesn’t want to spend part of the week wrapped in mud? Not just any mud either fancy Italian Mud, from the legendary region of Pisa (where there is also a leaning tower you may have heard of) Renound for its curative properties, this wrap will tighten your skin and leave it glowing, but also leave your body a puddle of relax, and your mind deeply connected to its best self.

Chakra Balancing

Are you a believer in woo? Or just want to know what the fuss is about? This treatment is amazing! You will emerge relaxed, recharged, and thinking clearer then before. And we will send you an email after with which chakras were out of line at the start, if any are still struggling to balance and how that might affect your health , relationships or overall vitality.

Seaweed Wrap

Cellulite creeping up on you? Muscles less sore then fatigued? Or do you feel like you have run a marathon (especially if you have!) there is a seaweed wrap for you. We have three unique blends- each with its own magical powers.

Face Treatments

Facials are about more than the product used (though great product is the foundation of beautiful skin), the muscles in your face are the most used muscles in your body!
Every one of your smiles and frowns when you chew or concentrate, every expression on your face involves those amazing muscles. So, show them some love!
Using a mask and great product at home is great but having someone do it for you is even better.



You can’t just put anything on your skin- no matter how natural or organic. We hear you, and it is no problem. This facial is guaranteed to make you look and feel radiant! While soothing sensitive skin
$135 / 45 mins

Neroli Moisturizing Facial

Neroli Moisturizing Facial

Dry skin damages more easily, wrinkles are more pronounced, and you look dull, you are not dull! This facial will fix all that. Derived from ingredients as rare and exotic as you: Calendula and aloe leaf juice blended with Egyptian Neroli and Bulgarian Rosewater and a rare white lily extract.
$135/ 45 mins

Raspberry Cane Problem Skin Solver

Raspberry Cane Problem Skin Solver

With products chosen for their intense healing powers, antibacterial and balancing properties, this facial is great for reducing redness, scaring and acne. Raspberry Cane rose crystal powder, willow bark and lavender, a serum of apple and orange, green clay mask and red rasp seed oil! Wow!
$135/ 45 min

Anti- Aging Facial

Anti- Aging Facial

Getting older is great, but when strangers say you look too young for … that’s even better. Your skin will be rejuvenated using the most effective of all-natural ingredients including vitamin c, rose and white tea; enhanced by a skin lifting treatment this facial will tighten and brighten your skin.


These can be added to any treatment to make it just that little bit more perfect but must be booked with a full-length treatment.

Eat, Pray, Love and Retreat.

Planning an escape?

Whether it is a group of 5 or 500, we elevate everything from a girl’s weekend to a corporate sales meeting with wellness services, including yoga, meditation, Pilates, massage therapy and facials.

Need speakers? We can help with that too. It’s best to call so we can chat about your event, figure out what will make it awesome for you and go from there.


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