What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy?

There are many types of massage and many reasons why clients search out a massage therapist.

When you have lymphedema (swelling of your arms and legs)- usually due to cancer treatment, recent surgery or an illness Lymphatic Massage can help, it is effective at reducing swelling, which makes movement less restricted and decreasing pain and discomfort. It is a specialized massage technique, very different then more vigorous forms of massage, and requires a therapist who is methodical, and at the same time has a soothing and empathetic touch.

Lymphatic Massage boosts the bodies ability to eliminate excess fluid, boosting weight loss as well as recovery from surgery or cancer treatment.
Lymphatic Massage is used to stimulate the immune system, by aiding the body in the removal of excess fluids.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a technique in use since the 1930’s that is used to reduce swelling and fluid retention, by using gentle repetitive strokes.

This enhances our bodies ability to filter to toxins and waste that are present in the lymphatic fluid and remove them from our bodies.

By removing excess fluid our overall health is improved, as well as being a very effective method of achieving pain relief with massage, as often swelling in legs and feet particularly can be both painful and can cause lack of mobility which contributes to continued decrease in health.

Why Choose to have Lymphatic Massage?

There are 3 main reasons to book Lymphatic massage.

  1. Improves Health by improving the bodies overall immune function
  2. Increases Energy
  3. Improves Mood.

Your lymphatic system is in charge of your bodies filtration, the fluid in this system which does not have a pump like your heart to move it around, contains white blood cells, proteins, and fats and the lymph nodes are the engines of your immune system When this system is impaired for any reason you will feel sluggish, are more prone to illness, and will recover more slowly, and movement can be painful, or even impossible.

And if you are a Senior and don’t get around as much as you used to this type of treatment can not just boost your immune system it can help with your mobility.

How Often?

If you are getting slight swelling or discomfort you might find relief from one to two treatments of Lymphatic drainage massage, however, if you have a serious illness or are recovering from one, we do recommend that you get 10 treatments in the course of 12-18 days, so that each session can build on the results of the previous session.

For more information or to talk to a therapist. We offer online booking or you can email Jill@yourhealthspan.com

Using Gentle repetive strokes lymphatic massage helps the body eliminate waste
The massage therapist using gentle repetitive strokes to remove excess fluid from the thigh.


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