Acupuncture and Stress

Effects on the Parasympathetic system For many many people 2020 has been extremely stressful, disappointing, scary, frustrating, and for lots of people sleep patterns have been interrupted, blood pressure is elevated, and they are themselves grumpy and surrounded by grumps! This has health effects above and beyond worrying about covid. One of the effects of […]

World Health Day- The power of touch.

Whether you had a great year, or a very challenging year, the one thing we are all missing is touch. A hug in a parking lot with a long lost friend, seeing family and making new contacts has all changed and one of the biggest changes is touch. We no longer shake hands when we […]

What is Ortho-Bionomy? and will it take away your pain?

I just tried Ortho-Bionomy and want you to try it too. For the last several years I have had some pain in the fronts of my shoulders, not debilitating or constant, but present. In the last month or two it had become a constant pain, waking me up at night, making it uncomfortable to do […]

Massage and Thyroid Health

Massage stimulates circulation, lymphatic function, cortisol level and inflammation all helpful for patients with Thyroid issues. Some effects of a poorly functioning thyroid Poor Heart Health Fertility Problems Diabetes Arthritis Poor digestion Slow heart beat Fatigue Constipation Weight Gain Puffy Face Muscle Weakness Types of Thyroid Disease Hypothyroid Hyperthyroid Graves Eye Disease Cancer How Massage […]

Why add CBD oil into a massage?

CBD oil for massage

There are three main reasons to upgrade to a CBD oil massage. Inflammation that causes pain Anxiety that interrupts sleep and causes depression Skin conditions- such as acne, psoriasis, or dermatitis There are many more reasons that CBD should be part of your routine, for a list of proven conditions that CBD can help treat. […]

Acupuncture for Fibro

Fibromyalgia is an increasingly common disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and sleep issues. The disorder can sometimes begin after traumatic incidents such as surgeries, motor vehicle accidents or even emotional events.  It is often managed with invasive drug treatments littered with side effects while only masking symptoms of the disorder. Traditional style Chinese […]


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