Massage Therapy and Show Jumping

As we enter our final week at Spruce Meadows for 2016, and we look back over the last month, we feel grateful as always for this opportunity.

On top of being a majestic place to work, and the chance to work with some of the world’s finest athletes in this sport, it is always humbling to see how hard these athletes work in order to achieve success.

So often the horses don’t just come first, but they push all human needs into the far, far back ground.

But back injuries, in particular plague the human half of this sport, and we know that by keeping these muscles limber, and by taking even a 1/2 hour a couple times a week, riders can better control their horses, both by being in a better mental space, as well as maintaining the strength and flexibility to control their bodies and how the horses respond.

Watching the champions ring is often very reflective of who has been in our treatment rooms over the week proceeding the big competition and it makes working here even more fun.


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