Massage practice 101 : getting what you really want out of your practice.

A New year means new goals, the things we want for next year, for our personal growth, and the growth of our practice. And the things we want to achieve, to do and to get this year.

Massage practice 101, setting up for a great year.
To set yourself up for success this year spend time in reflection


There are lots of ways to set up for a successful year in your massage therapy practice, but to have your practice fit into your overall goals and to have a healthy start to the year, it is important to think about what you really want from your practice, your year and the rest of your life.

I set aside one day a week in January to work on how this looks for me, looking at 4 key elements of my life, how those have changed over the year and what adjustments I need to make in order to be successful.

Overall goals- week one

This includes how I want to feel this year, and my guiding emotions for the year, in my case this year it is Calm, Progressive, and Joyful.

Now when I am setting my goals I can measure them against these emotions, and if they line up they are good for me. Spend some time thinking about how you want to feel this year, at night when you go to bed, and this time next year when you look at where you came from and where you are going next.

Define your own success
My Measure of a successful year will be different then yours, you need to determine what you want for yourself.

Success defined by you- Week Two

What do you want to do this year, make a complete list, and don’t edit. Go to Disneyland, to visit your family, have a baby, buy a vacation home reno your kitchen. Go for it make your list.

My list was huge, but when I sent back through it I realized, that I want a new car, to start to plan a kitchen renovation and set the budget, I want to grow my practice so my clinic sees 33 clients a day, and I want to lose 55 lbs before my brothers wedding in Sept.

Your list will be totally different.

Running a successful Massage therapy practice.

This is important for me and my family as it defines my finances, but it also is successful to me only if I have a team of people that I love to work with, who are reliable, who provide amazing service to our clients and who are also working on their own growth and goals.

We have initiated a program where we help therapists with the Running of a successful Massage therapy Practice      http://yourhealthspan.ca/therapists 

And it is my goal to have 15 participants in this program this year, that is a goal unique to me.

Massage Practice 101 : Can your practice achieve the goals you have set. Week 3

Now is the humbling part of goal setting, you need to place a price tag next to all the things you want to accomplish. And determine if you can achieve these goals. If you want to work only 20 hours a week, and you want to take a month off to go to Mexico, and a week in DisneyLand, get a new car and a vacation property, your practice might not be aligned with your goals. This is just setting you up for failure. The most important part of Massage Practice 101 is that you are a success, you thrive and you life the life you want. Achieving that takes planning.

You might be able to do all these things of course, but what will that really mean for how many hours you work? Will you have to hire people, how will the numbers add up.

Massage Practice 101: week 4

Planning backwards is the trick to success! Look at where you need to be in 6 months, and then in 3 months in order to be successful today. Then start to assign yourself tasks, and tracking devises so that you stay on track.

Best of luck this year.



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