There is a lot to be grateful for this year, I live in a great place, love the people I work for and with.  And I have the luxury of creating the life I want everyday.  

Massage therapy, and my mobile massage practice is responsible for a lot of my gratitude.  Although I really don’t see many clients anymore, I do get to talk to people everyday, and work with them to solve problems; of pain, of stress, of the time crunch we all face, and how hard it can be to take care of yourself, while also taking care of a family.

Mostly as this year ends though I am grateful for the team of therapists that I work with, and for how this industry has evolved.  

First Massage therapists, and especially the ones we work with.  If you have had a massage from one of our therapists, you have likely noticed that many of them speak English as a second language.  The backbone of our incredible team are the incredibly brave, compassionate and nurturing women who left behind the comfort of the country they grew up in, and think of as home, in order to travel to a country that is cold in winter, has a different language, and where the education that they already worked hard for was not recognized. 

They moved out of love, bravery and hope for a better life, for them and their children.  

I feel really blessed to have them in my life, and as part of my business.  That love that drove them to make a better life, also gives them amazing empathy, and gives their touch, their massage skills, an extra depth of nurturing that makes what we do a little bit special.

Massage therapy, reduces pain, but more important restores your energy and vitality.
Massage therapy, not just to relieve muscle aches and pains, but to completely restore your spirit, energy and focus.

Massage therapy as a professional has also evolved in a way for which I have gratitude.  

Leaving behind some of its flightiness and  taking on a serious mature position in the world of Health and Wellness. 

Students leaving school now have a much more comprehensive knowledge base and skills for Massage and other types of treatments than we had 25 years ago.

As a result of this training, and the hard work of our professional associations, in Alberta, in Canada and beyond, we also have far less confusion about the services that we offer, and the benefits we provide.

Massage therapists are a gift to the world.
Massage therapists and the profession has come so far, we all deserve to be proud of this!

 Gratitude has been the focus of my personal wellness practice this year, and I have started each day by listing three things I am grateful for.  And having a business I love, working with people I love and serving such amazing clients is often on this list.

We Look forward to serving you and your family in the New Year and the years to come, whether as a client with Massage therapy or other services, a therapist or just a member of our larger community. 


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