It doesn’t get closer to you than right in your living room.

Your Health Span is a mobile massage therapy company with Calgary’s best massage therapists, and they come right to your home, hotel or office.

We know you are super busy, and as most of our clients seem to be moms or families, and adding one more thing to do, or place to drive your kids is not always easy or even possible, by coming into your home we can take care of you and your family without adding another thing to your to do list.

Massage therapy Calgary Near me
You can’t get closer for a Massage than right in your own home.

We frequently get asked ” how do I find excellent Massage therapy Calgary Near Me?”

For the last 20 years, we have been answering that question, by saying call us, text us, email us, however you want to get in touch we are happy to help.

All our therapists have at least 2200 hours of training, we bring everything we need right into your living room, and have many ongoing training sessions in order to provide not just amazing service, but the “best Massage therapy Calgary near me” you could possibly hope for.

We all bring a choice of aromatherapy oils, with choices that soothe and calm, or uplift and cheer you up. Along with essential oil synergies for headaches and muscle cramps.

Direct Billing for Health Insurance is also available. We just need the information before we send a therapist out so that we can let you know that it is covered, and you don’t have to worry about it.

Are you looking for “Massage Therapy Calgary Near Me?”

Give us a call for yourself or your whole family you will be glad you did.


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