Maternity Massage

maternity massage
Maternity Massage, Best pregnancy massage Calgary, right in your home. Try an in-home couples massage as a great date that restores energy and balance during pregnancy.

Prenatal Massage has been around since the beginning of time, and in many cultures, a pregnant woman would get a regular touch to soothe sore tired muscles and relieve swelling and stress from her mother, mother in law, and other women in the household.

Lately, there has been a lot of discussions around when these type of touch therapies should start, and in particular around massage first trimester, and whether it is safe and helpful.  With some schools going so far as to teach that it needs to be avoided.

Massage first trimester

Massage during pregnancy is very effective for keeping anxiety, swelling, soreness and muscle aches and pains under control without the use of medications that can be absorbed by your baby, but is it always safe?

According to the American Pregnancy Association maternity massage is safe in every phase of pregnancy, however, if you experience one of the following, you will need to consult your Dr. before you have any type of alternative wellness treatment.

  1. Hypertension
  2. Previous preterm labour
  3. preeclampsia
  4. severe swelling
  5. sudden bad headaches

However, the benefits of prenatal massage include relief from minor swelling, sciatica, back pain, depression and more so it is well worth seriously considering as part of your approach to impending motherhood.

There are even studies that show increased birth outcomes, as well as improved sleep, better mood, hormone balance, and decreased anxiety.


prenatal massage Calgary
Prenatal Massage Calgary, is an excellent way to improve mood, sleep and decrease the discomfort of pregnancy

Maternity Massage At Home

Your Health Span offers all of our services in the comfort of your home because having a massage at the end of the day in your home can be a very effective way to improve sleep.

Prenatal Massage Calgary and Couples Massage

Are you looking for a great date, but too tired to go out?  Why not schedule an in-home couples massage?  And you can save the money for the nursery as we will direct bill your insurance company for you.





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