I was barely there for my first appointment, recovering- or not from the suicide of my son, a vicious car accident, and a world that seemed just to much. Every where I turned the world sucked.

I could barely get on the massage table, it seemed so high. Anxiety, grief and very physical pain was so heavy and heart breaking that even the lightest touch seemed too much. And at first the relief from the massage was only fractional, and lasted just a breath in time.

Massage and recovery
Massage saved me when pain, grief and anxiety seemed to much.

I went through a couple therapists, nothing seemed right, and then Jill sent Sahira, I am not sure if she was better than anyone else, or I was just ready for her when I met her.
But it kept me coming back, more for the emotional support that touch brought, than for the pain relief, but I did feel better, and then better, and then better still.

At first I didn’t even notice, but my husband said he thought it was helping. So I kept going.

Then I noticed that I felt well enough to grocery shop, and then walk the dog. And now I see her only once every couple of months, mostly as a tune up. Which is so much better then 2-3 times a week, like when I started.

No matter what you are facing, a little massage by a therapist who cares can help you through.

Jules S


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