Wellness is always relative, and it is important to keep it in perspective, leading into the holidays can be especially tricky.  Especially with young families.  Avoiding overload is extremely important to a happy holiday season and finding ways to add healthy activities and nutrition into the week before Christmas might just be one thing too many.  Massage therapy is the answer!  Specifically house calls with the therapist bringing everything they need to make an amazing experience for you and your family. 

One great and super easy way to schedule ia wellness day, is to go to the pool or the outdoor rink as a family in the morning, and then book in-home massage therapy for everyone in the evening.  Or just book a family Massage day for the evening, when everyone is home, and you and your kids need to recharge for the week ahead.  It is really easy, a therapist will arrive at your home, bringing everything they need, they will set up their table in an out of the way spot somewhere in your house, and proceed to take care of the aches, pains and stresses of your whole family.  (or just you)

Your kids will love in home massage therapy
Children love massage therapy

Leading through example is great, we all want to give our kids a healthy start to their lives, but there are a couple other side benefits for you, the way too busy parent.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for you and your family

  1. Your kids will think you are super cool and their friends will be jealous.  
  2. Your kids will be totally silent and occupied for the hour of their massage, giving you time to wrap presents, cook super or tidy up.  Or sit and look aimlessly into space.
  3. You will have an hour (or 90 min) of relative peace during your Massage session.  This is especially effective if you book your sessions so that your kids are in bed while 
  4. Giving your kids a healthy start is a goal of all parents, and massage  both feels good and helps restore health and balance even to kids.
  5. You don’t have to drive your kids anywhere, and when you are done your session, instead of driving home in a cold car you can pour a glass of wine and luxuriate in the feelings of well-being.
Book Massage Therapy for your family for This week in Wellness
While your kids get their massage therapy session, you can get tings done the hour of quite while they enjoy their session can give you time to cook super, wrap presents, or just read a good book. 

In-home Massage is a great way to give your kids the Healthy Start they need.

In addition to making them feel good, massage can help children with growing pains, anxiety, trouble sleeping, and focus.  Not only does it feel good, but it is truly good for them.

Teaching your children healthy ways to handle the inevitable stresses of life is an important life lesson. 


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