The title Agent Orange comes from the containers that it was stored in, which had an orange stripe. In all, the United States used 15 herbicides in Southeast Asia, together with Brokers Orange, Blue, White, Pink, Purple and Inexperienced, all of which have been mixtures of assorted herbicides and defoliants [source: Veterans Administration]. Agent Orange was a mixture of two herbicides referred to as 2,4,-D and 2,4,5-T.

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Cartilage is the connective tissue that’s in your ear, however it is usually discovered elsewhere in your body. The opposite varieties of connective tissue have totally different functions in our bodies. Did you know that blood is a connective tissue attributable to its ability to connect all components of the physique together?

Steadily, public protest against the usage of Agent Orange grew. Newspaper articles about the sick effects of Agent Orange, particularly in opposition to the U.S.-allied South Vietnamese, attracted authorities consideration. Distinguished scientists argued that the deployment of herbicides was an immoral use of chemical weapons [source: Buckingham]. When, in 1970, scientific testing confirmed that Agent Orange produced antagonistic well being effects in rats, President Nixon ordered ­the army to stop spraying.