A quick demo of OrthoBionomy

I just tried Ortho-Bionomy and want you to try it too.

For the last several years I have had some pain in the fronts of my shoulders, not debilitating or constant, but present.

In the last month or two it had become a constant pain, waking me up at night, making it uncomfortable to do up my seat belt, causing weakness.

I followed up on a recommendation to try ortho-bionomy with an open but skeptical mind.

Ortho-Bionamy can be done clothed and nearly anywhere
Ortho-bionomy resets the muscles and joints into proper alignment

What is ortho-bionomy?

My therapist JoAnna gently but firmly palpated around the shoulder and clavicle joint determining origins of my discomfort, gently manipulated the joint and muscle and supported those same joints while my body released and reset.

It is completely non-invasive, and though at times briefly painful, and uncomfortable, mostly very gentle.

The premise is and that our bodies are designed to correct imbalance and disease.

I certainly felt that was true! One session was great, but I did require three to get everything in my shoulders working like I was a brand new human.

Influenced by Eastern philosophy, Dr. Pauls who was the architect of ortho-bionomy, searched for a system of healing that was gentle, non-invasive, and that worked with the body’s inherent wisdom, rather than using forceful methods to manipulate problems involving posture, pain and recovery from injury.

Dr. Pauls understood that if a person injures a knee, the muscles and tendons around that area tighten, sometimes causing pain and spasm.

The tightening protects the knee from further injury, however, as healing begins, the muscles and tendons around the area may remember the injury, remaining tight and painful, losing flexibility and strength.

You likely know this yourself, you injure your foot and limp around for a week, and suddenly your other hip hurts and you have lower back pain that goes on and on.

These changes affect the bones, joints, and overall alignment of the body. By gentle and comfortable repositioning of the area into its proper alignment, a therapist can prompt the muscles to release the tension and trauma and speeding the healing process.

Who is it for?

Anyone with chronic pain associated with injuries, muscle and joint problems, and arthritis;

It can be used to reduce stress; increase circulation; enhance relaxation; and improve problems of posture or structural alignment.

Helps with arthritis, headaches, chronic pain, and old injuries. And is completely safe for New Babies, elderly and for those who have had recent surgery or illness.

For athletes it can speed up healing, increase balance, strength and flexibility.

Orthno-bionomy is a safe and effective way to get your body working better and with less pain
Orthno-Bionomy is a safe and effective treatment for athletes, newborns and the elderly.


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