You love massage, what’s not to really? But everyone is talking about acupuncture. And your benefits cover it, so is it for you?

acupuncture can shorten how long your cold lasts.
acupuncture can shorten how long your cold lasts.

5 reasons to try acupuncture.

You Like it Deep

1.Your massage therapist cannot get deep enough.

Still feeling a little tight, or tense after your massage- combining it with acupuncture, or even just doing acupuncture on its own might be the answer.

Acupuncture is the insertion of a very fine needle into an energy centre, and this can often result in the release of muscle tension that is deeply ingrained, giving you much more profound and long-lasting relief.

Health Worries

2. You are having a health issue that is not in your muscles. Your acupuncturist has studied human disease, anatomy and body function for at least 4 very intense years. This includes subtle causes of disease caused by energy flows being interrupted. By working with your bodies energy systems and restoring your bodies ability to heal itself acupuncture does things massage therapy cannot do.

Acupuncture and addiction.

3. Giving up cigarettes? or other addictions? Acupuncture can help, sometimes quickly and dramatically, sometimes subtly but it is an amazing reset for your body.

Bad habits throw up blocks, when we try to break them. Triggers that made us reach for a cigarette or a drink need to be reprogrammed.

Withdrawal symptoms need to be treated and alleviated, and we still need to feel good, relieved of our stress, and acupuncture is a very effective tool in this process.

Acupuncture and Weight-loss

4. Feeling stuck in meeting your goals for the new decade, by stimulating digestive systems, balancing hormones and treating other factors in your weight working with a Dr. of Acupuncture will help you achieve your goals.

Acupuncture stimulates your bodies ability to process the food you are eating, not to mention when you feel better, it also inspires you to nourish your body and mind with healthier foods.

Acupuncture and Relaxation

I am not alone in saying this, Acupuncture is more relaxing the massage for me. I feel almost euphoric from the time the first needle is inserted, and I always leave the treatment feeling more in control and very deeply relaxed.


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