The toll of winter has playing havoc with my skin, my face was itchy with dryness, and the only colour in it looked pale and slightly grey when I looked in the mirror, so I took myself out for a facial.

Not just to get my skin back on track, but I also was feeling in need of someone with Magic hands, spending a little bit of time nurturing me. It was time to practice what I preach.

Sublime Facial- to balance winter skin
Winter Time Facial- to refresh, plump, brighten and moisturize skin

We do these services ourselves, and use the Amazing [Comfort Zone] products from Italy. I love these products, they are plant based, and a team of Physicians is responsible for the formulations. So when choosing a facial I wanted it to be with the products that I love, and although I think Your Health Span does the best facial ever, I decided I needed the benefits of both an outside practitioner, who I didn’t feel I needed to chat too, but also I wanted to have the down time that is sometimes more effective by going to a spa. In this case House of Toli

Don’t get me wrong, Your Health Span is for sure the Best Mobile Spa in Calgary, and our therapists and aestheticians are amazing, but there are for sure times that being outside of work and home is better for recharging my batteries.

Facials Calgary for dry damaged skin
In-Home Facials Calgary to treat any type of skin compaint.

My Facial

Manny was the name of the excellent aesthetician that did my [Comfort Zone] sublime facial, and she talked me into getting Microdermabrasion, which we don’t do at Health Span, as of right now, (watch this space). And it was terrific!

The space was beautiful and the entire team from receptionist to the person that took my payment, were friendly and professional, but the most important thing is 4 days later my skin still feels fantastic, no more itchiness due to dry winter air stealing all the moisture from my skin.

I walked away after my treatment feeling just as I wanted, totally taken care of and with renewed colour in my skin. It was an excellent reminder to me, that I need to take care of myself so that I can continue to take care of the people that rely on me.


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